Paul Beaudoin's video glitch art on Hannah Ivanov's painting and Dimitar Chakarov's 'Commentary'


- [ ] This is a light of mine which I did not know I had until recently. No one has ever seen me in this state. A state which does not connect to the physical. It's invisible to people, it's psychological. The last few months have been some of the hardest in my life and what I'm feeling I cannot describe with words even... The 'episodes' I get daily. The psyche is the scariest invisible power for which humankind doesn't have an X-ray. That is also why people often disregard it.

- [ ] My therapist gave me as a task to show what I feel in the form of one photograph. I had an initial idea yet it all came to be as I perceived it in the moment, every object, feeling, light, colour, shadow - it all happened within the process of shooting. I let my psyche lead me, the physical time did not exist. The photograph doesn't have set rules and it shouldn't, really.

- [ ] To me, this shot means a lot, makes me realise every detail of my state (of me). I didn't know how such a thing would describe a human being so perfectly, their sense of pain, fear, inner battle, hope, will, betrayal and hate. Art reaches science as much as science reaches art. The two are interlinked and create a super intellect. Individually, they're just notions in their own field.

- [ ] And what is your viewpoint, your sense of your own science within your psyche?

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Ivaylo Saraliyski's video on SMYAH's music.