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OPEN CALL to artists & thinkers 

It's time to prepare for our sixth issue! 
Join our open call and share your creative works and ideas with Dare-Zine's community. 

Dare-Zine №5

Issue V is our zine #1: Dare-Zine authors gathered at two workshops and shared inspiration and reflections under one roof. The result is one handmade zine and a limited number of print copies! Make sure to grab one yourself!

Dare-Zine Events

It is not just about a print magazine: it's about everything that springs from it. All the encounters that turn into collaborations. From exhibitions, through workshops and casual meetings, all the way do kids' creative residency camp... Dare-Zine dares to find — or better, create — the best suitable format for sharing inspiration and reflection amongst like-minded people.

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