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Art residency:
Open Call

Join us for a thought-provoking and creative 5-day residency in the heart of Bulgaria between 7 - 12 May 2024.

когато бях перце, не знаех дали съм част или съм цяло. разбрах перцето само, когато после

Dare-Zine VI

Our 2023 autumn issue VI is a patchwork of artworks, each of which respond in a way to the topic: Is there an analogue to the analog?

Once again our pages are home to authors from around the world, some of them newly joining members to our daring community!

Dare-Zine Events

It is not just about a print magazine: it's about everything that springs from it. All the encounters that turn into collaborations. From exhibitions, through workshops and casual meetings, all the way do kids' creative residency camp... Dare-Zine dares to find — or better, create — the best suitable format for sharing inspiration and reflection amongst like-minded people.

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