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DARE-ZINE is the title of a seasonally printed magazine

(in spring & in autumn), whose very first issue came out in May 2021.

Each one that follows continues the exchange of inspiration and

reflection, allowing authors to interpret each other's visual and written

work, as well as to share points of view on various topics within the

field of art. 

DARE-ZINE leads our desire to create a platform,

which aims at facilitating an exchange of inspiration, knowledge and contemplation between people with diverse experiences, united by the motivation for developing their creative, as well as critical perspectives.

This website is an extension to the printed edition's mission,

offering a space for additional material to be shared, as well as for our authors to be presented. In this line of thought and action, DARE-ZINE has the potential of establishing a community: to us, it is truly important for like-minded people to be connected, as such relation enables us to move forward and to take roads we did not even know existed.

Now that you have already landed on our website, we hope you would benefit from its content,

in one way or another. We welcome any kind of feedback you might want to share with us - feel free to do so by filling out this form.


Thank you kindly,

for rendering parts of you time and attention to our initiative. We would be happy to welcome you along - as a reader, as an author, as a like-minded fellow.

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