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Dare-Zine's first ever

art residency

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7 - 12 May 2024
Veliko Tarnovo, BG

8 artists
5 days / 5 nights

*accommodation (shared)
*production budget 
*working space

art as conversation vs.
art as competition


*daily meetings and discussions of artists' proposals

*exchange of ideas and perspectives on the subject

*creative sessions for
making artworks as a result of the residency 

*informal public
presentation at the end

No fee to apply. 

You know us - perhaps - and our constant need to experiment, to dive into the unknown and to rise even better than before. This is, again, what we seek with this new adventure of ours:

an art residency in the heart of Bulgaria. 

We would love to gather a group of authors to once again exchange their perspectives, but this time sharing valuable time and space together, in person. Veliko Tarnovo has been a goal of ours for some time now, being a meeting point between Sofia and Varna, the two main cities where Dare-Zine authors get to see each other. This initiative is therefore quite precious to us and we hope it will become an inspiring and memorable experience for all.

The topic we have chosen is special as well; the question has been lingering on our minds and we're eager to see how you react to it. Art as conversation vs. art as competition? We are fairly certain we are not the only ones observing a shift in the arts due to the effect of capitalism and market-oriented global mentality on the way artists create today. What and how do they choose to create? Does their authentic voice get to speak while taking into consideration the huge competition it has to conquer in order to survive? 

Don't get us wrong - there's nothing better than the possibility for a creative person to make a living out of doing what they love, and today's virtually connected world offers many great opportunities for artists to showcase and to sell their work. Yet we cannot help but ask ourselves whether this strive (and struggle) for better "branding" (let's face it, branding is all there is now) somewhat overshadows the foundational value that art possesses. Namely, to offer a means of communication like no other; a means of connection. 

We know that the answer, if there even is one, is not one-sided. We're sort of posing it as a debate more than a question, really. A debate where the two opposites quite probably meet in the middle. Nevertheless, we from Dare-Zine deem it an important and curious topic; and if you do too, and want to share your view with us, we'd be thrilled to enrich our perception with it.

The residency programme will encompass five full days during which each selected participant will present their developed perspective on the topic with the rest of the group. Each presentation will be followed by a discursive session where the suggested point of view will be further commented on and explored by all - this is the part of exchanging our ideas.

After this comes the time for creative interpretation of each participant's final point of view on the topic (which might have changed along our meetings, or not). At the end of the residency, we'll have an informal event to share some of our process with the public. The artworks as a result of the programme will become the core part of Dare-Zine's seventh issue. 

Of course, to this you can add some free time to immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Veliko Tarnovo, gaining inspiration from its longstanding art traditions and picturesque natural environment.

Essential information:

  • This open call accepts applications from local (Bulgarian) and international artists.

  • Travel expenses are to be covered by the participant. If you are a non-Bulgarian citizen and require additional funding to cover your travels, you can contact us individually and we'll do our best to assist you by reaching out to the relevant embassy. As written above, the residency includes shared accommodation, daily lunch, working space and production budget for the duration of the programme; any other personal expenses are to be covered by the participant.

  • The created artworks as a result of the residency will become part of Dare-Zine's issue VII.

  • Applicants who are not selected for the residency programme can still be considered for Dare-Zine's issue VII based on their proposal. They will be contacted accordingly by our team with further information.  

  • There is no fee to apply to this open call. All you need to consider are your travel expenses to and from Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, and any other personal expenses you might have that are not listed as included in the programme. 

How to apply?

Simply follow the application form via the button below.
Applications deadline: 26 March 2024 (23:59h GMT+2)
Selected participants will be notified by 31 March 2024.

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